Quality & Safety

Safety and Children First 

Bounceabouts is proud to have contributed to the construction of the current European Standard, EN 14960, relating to safety in inflatables. We design and manufacture all of our Bouncy Castles in accordance with this standard and are committed to using only high quality components.

As a founder member of the Inflatable Play Manufacturers Association (IPMA), Bounceabouts has also been instrumental in the development of safety guidelines for both the manufacture and use of inflatables.

We employ three, qualified inspectors to test and examine our inflatables throughout the design and manufacturing process and we issue a PIPA tag as standard on all of our Bouncy Castles and Inflatables destined for the UK market.

Follow the PIPA

A uniquely numbered PIPA tag, on a new Bouncy Castle, guarantees that you are purchasing a safe and expertly made product which has been tested against and passed stringent EN standards. If an inflatable does not have a PIPA tag, it has not been tested or certified.

Inflatables are required to undergo an annual test (like an MOT) and the unique reference number on a PIPA tag allows you to identify when the last annual test was carried out and when the next test is due.

A PIPA tag means a Bouncy Castle:
  • is designed to recognised safety standard
  • has been tested by a nationally qualified inspector
  • is approved for commercial use
The PIPA scheme delivers:
  • improved safety for your children
  • HSE recognised best practice
  • quality assurance
  • a certified initial test
  • certified annual testing
PIPA has the support of:
  • all industry associations
  • the Health and Safety Executive
  • local authorities
  • Cadbury
  • JCB
  • Fish Face
  • London 2012
  • Sochi 2014
  • RUFC
  • Tractor Ted
  • Sky Blue
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • MFTC
  • IPMA
  • JBL
  • JBL
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